Saturday, July 16, 2011

Ups and Downs

Went to have my first check up and the stitches has been taken off this morning. Before going back, I asked my doctor, "Dr Wong, is it alright if I go to KL for a concert today? It'll be a place with lots of people but I don't think it's going to be crowded as I have bought numbered seating for tonight". Then he replied, "Yeah, don't worry and go ahead. Just be careful".

My mood has been lighten up almost immediately and I quickly messaged Kyrina that I was going to go meet them later in the evening!!!

Fast forward: 1 hour later.

Asked stk out for lunch. After our lunch, we still hang out for a while, and before going off, I went to the toilet and found out that there were some 'juice' flowing from the wound. I was frightened and ask the fella to send me home straight.

It's currently 4pm now, where I am suppose to be on my way to Wangsa Maju to meet Kyrina & HJ and then we'll go to Bukit Jalil Indoor Stadium for Gary Chao Ge's concert later. Instead, what am I doing now? Well, the answer is obvious, am currently sitting in front of my laptop updating this entry now. =(

I think it's better that I burn that 200 over ringgit rather than taking the risk of getting myself hurt if I accidentally got into someone else later. *sigh*

Will just spend another lifeless Saturday for the week.



carlis said...

yes.....only RM200 nevermind, healthy is more important....take good rest girl.

sunset2712 said...

thank you carlis!!