Monday, July 4, 2011

Dim Sum at West Lake Garden Chinese Restaurant

If you like dimsum for breakfast as much as my family do, try dropping by Sunway Resort & Hotel for their weekend dimsum buffet at West Lake Garden Chinese Restaurant. Cost is RM60++ per adult and RM30++ for children.

The dimsum are served after we've ordered and there are quite a variety of buffet selection of dessert and appetisers to be chosen from.

I was glad to see they've fresh oysters and prawns on the buffet selection while the kids were overjoyed when they saw the variety of desserts! Cheesecakes, chocolate mousse, egg custard and ice-cream are my nephews' favourite... hahaha

As for my youngest nephew, he attacked the multi-coloured prawn crackers until his mum asked him to stop munching the crackers and start eating his fried rice instead. =)

There were about 40 varieties of dimsum to be chosen from their menu which I thought were quite narrow as this place is a pork-free chinese restaurant. Lots of yummy pork variety dimsum were scrapped off the menu compared to the normal ones we ate usually. One minus point here. hhmmm...

Presentation of the food are good, as expected from restaurants in hotels. Nothing more to be elaborated. Taste wise, they're average. Not heavenly, not bad, but just alright.

Will I go back for the second time for this? Yes, I will... If we don't need to pay for the food. hahahaha... Anyway, our meal that morning was enjoyable as it's been quite some time since I last had dimsum with my family. ^^

til then, ttfn!


tom said...
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tom said...

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Izumi said...

I've been reading your posts because we are dim sum lovers with my family and could recognize your feelings about it, when you find a superb place where you can delight your family with DIM SUMS!
We are coming in 10 days to Beijing!
To spend some days.
Can you reccomend me the best place to enjoy them?
Could be Jin Ding Xuan?