Friday, July 8, 2011

24 hours @ Sri Kota

6th Jul 2011

5.00am - Belly button in severe pain.

9.00am - Finally the clinic is open! Doctor referred me to hospital.

10.30am - Reached Sri Kota Medical Centre. Consultation with Surgeon Wong.

11.00am - Dr Wong advised me to have operation on the same day itself. Preparation of paperworks from staffs in the hospital.

11.10am - Officially warded

The menu for room rates... No difference from hotel ones... hhmm...

11.30am - Nurses came into my room. I have to fast for at least 6 hours before undergo the umbilical hernia surgery. Last meal intake was 8.00am.

3.45pm - Nurses assist me into the surgery ward before going into the operation theatre.

4.10pm - The last I asked from one of the attendants what is the time, and also whether I'll be conscious/ passed out during the surgery. Then, I passed out immediately.

7.15pm - Nurses brought me back to my ward. Dad & big sis was in the room already.


7.30pm to 9.30pm - Was very touched visitors came. (Mum, 2nd sis, Debbs' mum & bro, JY's parents)

10.00pm - The torture begins. The aunty in the same room as me slept, with her TV volume blasting & not to forget her never-ending loud snoring til 8 in the morning the next day. T_T

7th Jul 2011

6.00am - Sleepless the whole night. So, woke up and changed the playlist in my iPhone (from instrumental to pop/rock genre). Let it on instead of listening from the earphones.

9.00am - Dr Wong came to visit and asked about my condition. Asked him whether could I be discharged on the same day, he say most probably yes. I was overjoyed!

9.30am - Breakfast was sent to my room. I ordered egg sandwich but sis changed the menu for me to having fish porridge the night before.

My first meal after 24 hours. Just had two/three spoonful only.

9.30am to 11.ooam - Nurse came by every half an hour or so to check my pressure. Then one of them told me I could be discharged anytime from the moment.

11.00am - Called dad to fetch me straight. Went to 3rd floor's billing department. Medical bill was a whopping RM3.7k! Luckily they're covered by company's insurance policy. Took medicine from the pharmacy, and collected the relevant documents from Level 6 and proceed back to my room.

11.15am - Packed my stuff and prepare to go home! Yay!

Took a picture before taking out the drip.

Approx 12.00pm - Reached home.

Mum prepared century egg porridge for me. It was super delicious. ^^

1.00pm - Cleaned up. Went to bed, and fainted for more than 4 hours!!

5.00pm - Woke up and reply emails/ sms-es/ facebook messages.

6.00pm to 10.oopm - Hanging out in the living room. Watch some TV occasionally.

10.00pm - Went up to my room and prepare to Zzzz. (Tired ma....) Was surprised I could actually sleep so early! hahahaha...

11.00pm - Finally dozed off.

8th Jul 2011

4.00am - Woke up. Continue to lie down til 6 in the morning.

8.00am - Had porridge from yesterday night. Took my medication.

My medicine supply for the week. The antibiotics are superbly huge!!!!! So difficult to swallow, would have to cut in into half @.@

12.30pm - Was bored, so decided to blog, and here I am.

I don't know when the wound would heal. Dr Wong gave me hospitalisation leave til 23rd this month.

Boring boringggg.... I wanna watch Transformers, and Harry Potter... How larrhhhhh... sigh. Hoping for a speedy recovery so that I could get out of the house asap! hahaha...

til then, ttfn.


bloodbubble said...

so much meds.. makan meds kenyang? lol

Get well soon!

sunset2712 said...

hahahah.. i suppose so! i hate to swallow medicine! its the worst... =(

Tony Leong said...

You left out a phone call at appromixately 740-800pm :(