Thursday, June 16, 2011

Ting Ho Porridge Steamboat

My friends and I used to have our porridge steamboat at Char Par Par Steamboat Restaurant but the place has closed down two years ago and since then, we haven't been to any steamboat place that offers porridge steamboat!

Was in the mood for it on Wednesday so I suggested we go scout for a good porridge steamboat meal in Klang! So, we ended up sitting in Ting Ho Steamboat Restaurant which is situated in Bayu Tinggi Klang for this very much anticipated dinner. ^^

Our pot of porridge!

... and the ingredients!

We chucked all the ingredients in (except for the fried dough) and waited for a few minutes before indulging my first steamboat porridge in two years! Oh ya, 3 of us ordered a '2-person's' meal and that alone left us feeling very stuffed at the end of the meal.

Here's the only picture that I've captured after everything has been 'thrown' into the pot for boiling... hahaha Hands and mouth was occupied with food once they're ready to be served. *shy*

Will suggest this place to my family and friends if they're in the mood for something different next time! Pricing was reasonable, 3 persons bill came up to less RM40.00 (including drinks) and we think it was well worth it... ^^
til then, ttfn

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