Friday, June 17, 2011

Mid Valley City's New Restaurant Ipoh Chicken Rice

This restaurant is situated in between Mid Valley Megamall and The Garden's entrance. I didn't know about this place until my friend suggested we had chicken rice for dinner few days ago. lol..

We ordered their combo meal for RM29.90 that includes a bowl of soup (with two huge fishballs & meatballs), a plate of bean sprouts, roasted pork, steamed chicken, and 2 Hainanese chicken rice)

Meal for two at Mid Valley City's New Restaurant Ipoh Chicken Rice

We were there for dinner and I was quite surprised their business was very busy considering it was a week day where people normally doesn't eat out much (er, or was it only me that dine-in at the comfort at my own home where Mum cooks almost daily)... hehehe

Anyway, the 芽菜鸡饭 meal was good and again, I'll recommend this to my family when we go for shopping in Mid Valley/ The Gardens some time in the future (which I presume will be very soon!) ^^

til then, ttfn

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