Tuesday, June 7, 2011

June updates

Pheww, finally got the time to update here! Can't believe one week has passed and I haven't post anything yet. The past two weeks has been hectic and after work I don't think have energy to sit and clear my mind to blog already.

I was home early today so here I am, trying my very best to compile and note whatever that is worth me noting. =)

A friend has left Klang yet again to complete her studies, celebrated my homie KC's birthday, a family friend came and visit, visited the mall for shopping and good food session with family, and one of the most important friend in my life has tied the knot over the duration of 2 weeks! Think I'll just update some of them here as I doubt I'll have the time to edit all those pictures that I've captured.. hhmm...

Well, I'll just save some time and continue with my picture filtering now.

til then, ttfn!

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