Thursday, May 5, 2011

Seafood + Toddy at Coconut Flower Restaurant

Racheal, Jessy, her mum and bro came all the way from Cheras with the intention of having some seafood and coconut wine a.k.a toddy in Teluk Gong. I haven't got a clue where else that sells these traditionally brewed 'wine' so I suggested to have them in Coconut Flower Restaurant.

Toddy & Guinness stout. RM7.00 & RM8.50 respectively.

There were 5 of us, but I've ordered 6 dishes. Wrong choice from me coz we couldn't finish some dishes in the end! I wanted to order another fish but they stopped me. hhmmm.... The last time I paid a visit to this restaurant was with Andrew T and I've made a mental note to self to NOT order their dried fried oysters and salted egg crab coz it was really crappy.

These are what we had on a lovely Monday afternoon...

Medium clams in rice wine soup - awesome! Signature coconut tomyum prawns - awesome! Stir fried Daun keladi (don't know what is it called in English) - not-so-awesome. Sizzling hot plate oysters with egg - awesome!

Oat & buttered mantis prawns, and Salt & pepper soft shell crab. BOTH deep fried. @@

Should've just ordered just one deep fried dish. Too much of something can make people sick sometimes. geez....

... and how can we forget this. It's toddy mixed with Guinness stout, absolute yummeh!

Price was reasonable considering it's a public holiday that day, and service was also prompt. Food wise, not so great compared to those days where their food quality was way much better than present. But it's still alright to have seafood there just remember not to order their sucky salted egg crabs. hahaha... Anyway, will be back for more toddy...... someday.. ^^

til then, ttfn!

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