Thursday, May 12, 2011

Porridge for Two

Was in the mood for some hot porridge on Wednesday and while hunting for our porridge, we came across Restoran DST 大树头田鸡粥 in Bukit Tinggi.

I've passed by this place several times but it never occur to me to stop and have a try. But, it's an exception today... Porridge time!

We ordered a pot of plain porridge, a plate of vegie, one deep fried black pomfret and a portion of claypot bullfrog 田鸡 their signature dish.

We really overestimated our 'eating' ability. Over ordered and ended up wasting the food although they were really yummy. We had the small pot of plain porridge and the portion was really big!

Total damage to the wallet for our dinner: RM41.00. Consider quite pricey as I always considered porridge are food for the sick/ unwell people. hhmm...

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