Tuesday, May 10, 2011

More Kaya...

To Oldtown, if you can make your food looks good as those in the pictures in your menu, please maintain the quality when placing the food to your customers too!! Sigh... Sadly, they WON'T ever improve... Just like our KTM (Railway) service... Forever no improvements, really hopeless!

'Old Town White Coffee' franchise is famous for their toast... The food illustration on their menu was very tempting. When you open their menu, everything looks really good. For example, this one:

One of my dad's favourite; the Kaya Butter Toast.

I've had some bad experience with it before but I still gave it a try today.

We normally place our order on a piece of their 'order chit' and I purposely add on two words in my order this afternoon. I had, uhm... the Kaya butter toast, with 'MORE KAYA' written quite clearly on the chit, and the waiter also did put a remark on their 'official' order.

When my toast was served, this was placed in front of me; and I felt like STRANGLING the person that made my order right there and then!

No difference from what I had previously.

Coincidentally, my mood wasn't very good and I was really in the mood for complaining..... So, I had the waiter to return my order back to the kitchen and replace a new one for me....

2 minutes later....

This was placed in front of me. There, slightly better than the first time.

At least I feel a lil bit more satisfied when eating the toast in the end, or else I'll ban this place for toasts in the future.

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