Saturday, May 7, 2011

Ming Xiang Tai Pastry House

Hello, I'm in Penang now! With my 2nd sis and family... Lo and behold, the coming few posts would also be on food! Starting with some pastries first! =)

We passed by this little pastry house while on our way to get some 'Tau Sar Pneah" from Ghee Hiang at Macalister Road. 2nd sis saw their 'beancurd dessert' sign and was very tempted to stop by and have a try. So, we stopped and hop into Ming Xiang Tai and ordered a few pastries to eat-in and more pastries to take-away!!

I looked in awe all those little sins that's being displayed and waiting for us, the customers to eat them. Frankly, I was practically stuffed to the throat coz just had our heavy lunch just one hour before and here we are, sitting down to munch on something AGAIN!!

Nephew's Trishaw Egg Tart (their signature) and my Crispy Yam Puff.

Sis ordered 8 pastries to take-out I'm not sure what she bought coz I was very engrossed with the Yam Puff at that moment. hahahaha... When she came back over to our table, she said their Egg Tarts were all sold out!

My goodness, just 5 minutes earlier, I was happily shooting away a big tray of egg tarts from the display counter and fast-forward few minutes later, they're all been snapped up! That proved how awesome their signature egg tarts were, huh?

Well, nvm... Maybe we'll go again tomorrow to buy more and take some back home for the kids at home to try! ^^

How you can reach there:
Kedai Biskut & Kek Ming Xiang Tai
No. 133, Jalan Burmah, Georgetown, Penang
Pulau Pinang, 10050

Til then, ttfn!


Susan T said...

Awesome sharing. I was at their shop yesterday and I always end up chomping more than I should. Love their Egg tart & Chicken pie.

I just found their Facebook link: Glad to know that they are opening a new branch at Suntech, Bayan Baru by end of this year.

Aahh.. will be so much closer to my office :)

AiChi said...

Any idea where in Suntech are they open? I saw a shop beside Subway under renovation.