Saturday, May 14, 2011

Leehom's Album Promo Buntings

Since Leehom's birthday is around the corner, the 'Leehom' mood in me have 'risen' again.

What did I do this time? Well, I just took out some old stuff that I've collected over the years and have a look...

...and these two was hidden in a corner of the room.

Year 2006: Heroes of Earth promo bunting

Year 2007: 'Change Me' album cover

So, I 'un-rolled' them and it's actually his bunting that I've gotten from er, I forgotten where actually. I have 5 of them at home but the other 3 are not in a very good condition so no pictures to be posted here. hahaha...

Anyway, will wait for the arrival of 17th May and will leave a message on his FB page! (I know he won't have the chance to read all his birthday wishes one by one, but let's hope he will! ^^)

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