Sunday, May 1, 2011

Happy Mayday

Happy first of May everyone! It's the second year I'm 'celebrating' Labour Day (2007 the first) and many many more 1st day of the month of May to come. ^^

The day has been eventful to me up to this moment and a few more plans coming up later thru the night.

It's half past 7 in the evening and I felt like I've done so much for the day already!

I've had breakfast with my family, minus Mum coz she's in KK now.
I've brought my niece and nephews to the cinema to watch the highly recommended Rio.
I've bought some gifts and food for my niece and nephew.
I've bought a gift for myself, [another copy of Leehom's Evolution album] ehem.
I've became photographer for youngest niece & her brother's birthday party
.... and I've finally chuck all my handbags in a box to make my room a 'tidier' one. [still messy, but a bit more tidy without all my handbags in sight. haha....

Anyway, updates have been getting lesser and lesser as I'm getting busier and busier with work and life. Think to the bright side, at least the management have decided to convert my contract employment to a permanent one~ Yay to myself!!! ^^

will try to update as much as I can when I don't feel too tired to do anything after work. Am having my 2nd day out of the 3-day weekend... and I'm enjoying every moment of it now. Gotta run...

til then, ttfn! =)

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