Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday Indulgence

Went for a girly shopping (window shopping) outing with JY and both of us pamper ourselves with great food as well! We had late breakfast @ McDonalds [Bandar Puteri], followed by late lunch @ Oh Sushi [Mid valley], and tea time @ Alexis [The Gardens]!! ^^

Here's our lunch....

Our lunch.... One set of salmon sashimi bento, aburi salmon mentai (must order!), ebikko chawan mushi (must order also!), tuna mayo ebikko maki, ebikko sushi, salmon mayo aburi sushi & a california roll! *burps*

Food at Oh Sushi was alright. It was my first time there and one thing I dislike about restaurant nowadays is that, most of the waiters there are foreigners! Some can't even understand simple English and Oh Sushi is one of the many chain restaurants that employs foreign people. I have no problem with that coz everyone needs to earn their living, but come on, please employ someone that actually can speak and understand simple terms at least!

We continue with out shopping (or more like window shopping to me) until I suggested we go to Alexis to have the dessert! Their signature dessert is the yummilicious Tiramisu! So, we ordered a slice of it and another slice of chocolate cake to add more more calories into our meal. muahahahaha...

It was JY's first time trying the tiramisu and she said it was awesome too! yay!! Great dessert comes in a handsome price too, both of us had only 2 drinks and 2 cakes and the bill was almost as much as our lunch from Oh Sushi... Oh well, once in a while, boleh-larh! LOL...

Here's myself with the chamomile tea that I've ordered before concluding this entry.

til then, ttfn!

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