Monday, April 4, 2011

Dinner at BellyGood

Went with KJ to this place to have dinner.

BellyGood! Cute and creative name, huh? We were there early (about half past 6) coz I went straight after work and there isn't many people in the restaurant yet.

We ordered our drinks and asked the waitress to give us more time to decide what food we are getting to fill our empty stomachs. XD

KJ's fruit juice, and my Esprit sparkling passion... It's been a very very long time since I last had this Esprit drink...

We, the TWO greedy fellow, ordered THREE portions of food that evening!! muahahah.

I wanted to have salad so I ordered this Grilled Bacon Salad and leave the rest for KJ to order. It was absolutely yumms~!!

Delicious pork bacon on a bed of fresh mixed salad with honey mustard dressing.

Here comes the other dishes that my friend has ordered for us. This is a must-eat Mixed Platter! It's a combination of grilled pork belly, and grilled pork ribs with homemade mashed potatoes and fresh coleslaw.

I truly *hearts* the ribs AND mashed potatoes!!! Not a fan of fatty belly though... So, my poor friend has to finish the whole piece by himself~ XD

One more which is not in their menu. The owner of the place suggested we try their homemade sausages coz it's only available on weekdays. They don't serve this during weekend coz business are usually busy and they do not have time to make this for the customers in time. Apparently, it's made to order kinda sausage... ha haa...

It's tasty but not really much to my liking. I think it's taste quite pepperish and thought it'll be perfect if minus the strong pepper smell in the sausage. This one is worth a try though.

We were very very very stuffed at the end of our meal and told ourselves not to have any pork in the next couple of weeks or so. I think I failed coz I went on to have BKT with my parents during that weekend itself. muahahaha... Anyway, here's a pic of me with the two mains before we start digging in.

til then, ttfn~!!

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