Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sara's Birthday Treat

OK, it's my eldest niece birthday and I've missed celebrating her birthday for the past 3 years. So, I've decided to bring her out to compensate the missing 3 years... =)

She wasn't sure what she wanted as her gift, and I suggested we go for a movie and karaoke session followed by food, and lastly her gift. Our day started with both of us watching a movie (What Women Want). After the movie, we decided better not to spend 3 hours in the karaoke box, soooo we got ourselves another pair of movie tickets to be watched later in the evening. hahahaha

After the movie, we walked aimlessly to search for food and ended up standing in front of a Korean restaurant called Che Go. Since both of us never had Korean in Malaysia before, no harm in trying, right?

Here's my eldest niece, Sara.

and this is the place we had our kinda late lunch. Che Go Korean BBQ.

We were browsing at the menu and the place spoiled us with a variety of food in the menu. But, it's only two of us, so it's kinda difficult to order a lot of food at once... hhmmm... What we ordered at last? Well, Sara wanted to have chicken I ordered a set of BBQ chicken for two person, a portion of grilled Salmon and a pot of hot jasmine tea.

Initially, I thought we have to cook the food by ourselves, but later did I know that there will be a waitress that's going to cook/ prepare the food for us. aiya... I mau self-service wan lor... tsk tsk

Good thing the waitress did the cooking for us, coz that means I have time to snap more pictures! hahahaha... Two person set was really huge!!

The chicken thigh fillet was especially big! I have a feeling we couldn't finish all the food as the waitress serve us our medium pot of Kimchi soup, along with two bowls of rice, and 6 more kimchi dishes!

I did finish one of the kimchi dishes though! It's the one pictured above... Sedap sedapp...!!

In the end, we really couldn't finish all the food that we ordered. I felt quite bad leaving all those unfinished stuff on the table when we left. aihh...

Here's what the TWO of us had.... Think if my nephew were there, we(or more like HE) will be able to wallop everything up,... hehehe

I particularly lurve the Kimchi soup... just nice to my liking. Not so spicy... Awesome! Sara liked the salmon more so I let her have almost the whole piece of salmon by herself... muahahah...

After the meal, we still have about an hour to spend before our second movie starts. So, we stopped by at Speedy and I bought her a DVD and we proceed to wander in the shopping mall. Then it was movie time (I Luv HK), and after movie it was go home time! I have never spent such long time in the Aeon before this, so it's record breaking for me! ^^

Anyway, I really hope my niece enjoyed herself that day and there will be more birthdays to come for her in the future... I spent so much on the day, she better enjoy herself if not no more birthday treats for her next time... hahahaha.. No-larh, just kidding only... XD

Before I conclude this entry, one last pic of me with our lunch at Che Go!

til then, ttfn!

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hilary~teng said...

i like korean cuisine as well...let's go makan together next time..xx