Friday, March 4, 2011

Local Cuisine feasting

Ok I realised nowadays I blog more about food than any other things in the world. Well, can't blame me coz I am staying in a country where their food are always awesome!!

Today's no exception. I will leave you drooling with these.....

Food for 4 person! hahahaha.... Having them in Petaling Jaya ss2's Wai Sek Kai... *slurp slurp*

Frankly, these little hawker stall food aren't exactly cheap anymore!! For example, the small piece of grilled fish cost RM12.00!! *faint* I can't remember what are the prices for the rest coz it wasn't me that foot the bill... Thanks to Siew2's mum! =)

Anyway, it was nice to have lots of variety food to be shared among us during dinner though... Enjoyed having the food very much, and at the same time gaining more weight... hhmm,....

k lar, signing off. til then, ttfn!!

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