Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Leehom at MY Astro Music Awards 2011

The main purpose we go all the way up to Genting Highlands' Arena of Stars last Saturday was to see our favourite guy, Mr Leehom Wang!! He was in town for one full day to attend MY Astro Music Awards that was being held there. Redeemed our tickets from Joanne a.k.a our fans club (HOManiacs) head and returned a few tickets back to her coz some of us got VIP tics two days before the show! *thanks to our dear Homie Zel! =)

These are the tickets that was given by the organisers to HOManiacs

Where the VIP seats are located.. Seats in white are for artists that are going to attend the show that night.

Here's one pic of myself with our club foam hands. They're being distributed for fans that night!

I'll omit the other artists in this post coz this is A Leehom post. muahahahaha....

Oh, Leehom wins a total of SIX awards for the night and that makes him the Big winner of the night! A big congratulations to him ! XD

Here's our hero running over from the backstage to his seat 60 second prior to the start of the show. It's being broadcasted live so no delay will be allowed. =)

Here's after the first commercial break. He went backstage again and came out and voila, a very charming Leehom shot that I've managed to get. *drools*

His first award of the night. Top 25 songs of the year. Song #7 你不知道的事 (All Things you Never Knew)

One more award. Am not sure which but we're very proud of his win irregardless of what he won!

One more award from the top 25 songs of the year - 伯牙绝弦.

Best Male (International) Award

And after the Best Male award, the hosts asked him to stay on stage and invited the rest of the artists to the stage to present the biggest awards of the night, and the 4-hour show will come to an end thereafter.

Guess who won? Yeah, you got it right.

It's Leehom again!

We were quite surprise when they the hosts announced the result but at the same time very happy with it!!

Think he did not expect this award to come as well coz he doesn't know what to say during his 'speech' already! ^^

Oh btw, we were all super happy when he mentioned HOManiacs several time during his speech!! Normally he would thank only his 'fans', this time around he specifically mentioned his Malaysia Fans Club!! Way to go, Leehom!!! We're so proud of you and will keep supporting as long as you're still doing music.

p/s: It's my FIRST time meeting Leehom after his Music-Man concert two years ago. So, I'm super happy to see him in person and receiving so many awards that night. XD

til my next post, ttfn!


Anonymous said...

Hi Hoon! Was waiting patiently for you to share your evening with Hom. Ahhhhhh ... you finally did! Thankies!!! Wewre you really close to the stage? No astro so no get to watch ... kekeke! Hope some kind soul recorded this and uploaded it on YT!

bloodbubble said...

2 thumbs up for leehom :)

sunset2712 said...

Hey Lynne, you're most welcome!! I wasn't close to the stage that night, but the seating plan coz good coz i was seated in the middle of the arena!! took a few vids but still yet to upload them... check out my youtube account! =)

Yes yes, 2 thumbs and 2 toes also larh! hahaahha

Anonymous said...

Hoon, you super duper keng la. Me forgot to leave ID also you know who ... kekeke! Double thumbs and toes for you ... kekeke!


Anonymous said...

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