Monday, March 7, 2011

Lala Chong Seafood Restaurant

Second dinner with my new colleagues @ Kayu Ara Damansara's Lala Chong Seafood restaurant. We left office at 5.30 and reached the place half an hour later and we're quite pleased when we saw there aren't many people around at that point of time. =)

I've never heard of Lala Chong before this but one of my colleagues lurves this place so we decided to go and have a try. Heard this place would be crowded with customers during weekends and we have to make reservation before going to eat if it's Friday or Saturday.

They served us pickled mango and huge peanuts after we've ordered our food. I especially like the mango so so much!

One of the reasons customers will go back to Lala Chong is because of their attentive and friendly service, from the waiter/ waitresses there. To me, I won't be going back to a place for food if their service is very bad. This place is a total opposite... XD

There are 6 of us, and we've ordered 6 dishes! hahahaa... And mind you, all of us are female and we manage to finish all of the food by the end of the night. hahaahah

What's their house special in Lala Chong? You guess it right. It's their Lala (clams) of course!

Lala with rice wine soup. It may not too very attractive to you but the dish is awesome!! You just have to try it yourself... ^^

Another variety of seafood. Sweet + sour + spicy crabs with lotsa gravy... We also ordered half a dozen of mantao (fried buns) to dip it into the crab gravy.

All of us were practically stuffed to our throat after the meal. From the way my working environment goes, we don't have time to interact with others during office hours, so I really like to gather with colleagues every once in a while. It's nice. =)

As usual, before I conclude, here's a picture of all of us after our awesome meal!

p/s: Prices are on the high side to me as we can easily have nice seafood that comes in a cheaper bill in Klang, but my colleagues said it's reasonable for seafood in PJ. Oh well.....

Here's the address of the place if you're keen to go try it out yourself.

Address: Lot 13556, Jalan Cempaka,
Kayu Ara Damansara,
47400 Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 03-7728 1906

til then, ttfn!


Jobless Girl said...

What a great meal. Enjoy!

Unsatisfied Customer 17 June said...

DON'T GO TO LALA CHONG! This was the most awful rip-off that we've experienced in many years! I went there for a Father's Day celebration yesterday,and the service was horrendously slow, rude & terrible. Waiters kept ignoring us, we had to remind them to bring the food and drinks many times, and in the end we had to refill our own tea, and get our own drinks, glasses, and cutlery from the service areas. The utensils were icky and dirty. We even cleared our own table!

The food was bad too. They got a few dishes in our order wrong, and served it so late, that we had finished our meal and were ready to leave by the time they served us the crabs.

All in all, a bad experience, and one that we had to pay through the nose for. I'm not a competitor, just a truly unsatisfied customer. Don't patronize this lousy place!

john said...

Went on 29 July 14. Lala is ok, not that excellent as commented. Frozen fish cost me RM 115 for a 700 gram fish. Soup was terrible. Restron only about 12-15% full at 7pm as I was wondering why if the food is good. After the meal, I truly understood customer will not come back to a restron who has so so food with premium price. Do not recommend to anybody who are looking for good food with fair