Monday, March 28, 2011

Fahrenheit at launching of new Canon IXUS

Was over the moon when I know that I can attend the launching of Canon IXUS press conference that was held in Gardens last Friday! Why I need to feel soooo happy about it? You'll Know the answer in a short while...

Jeng, jeng jeng....

It's Fahrenheit 飞轮海!!!

Dear Goh Kiat Chun... Still good looking as ever, minus the muscular guy image now. XD

The guys was in town over the weekend mainly to promote the new products from Canon, shooting a commercial and also to attend MY Astro's Music Award the following day.

Fahrenheit posing with the banner that reads 'Canon Supports Earth Hour'

... and Wu Chun looking over! muahahaha... (or the camera beside me?)

After the press conference, they were then being ushered to another room for interview...

Meanwhile, I went wandering around to Mid Valley for the next event that they're going to attend after that. Got myself a free album of them from my girl friend and got them signed as well.

This is the good looking Mr Goh before I went on stage to have the album signed.

...and this is a picture when they were signing PF's album (Aaron), and mine (Calvin). =)

I was star struck for a bit and forgotten to shoot more pictures, but it's good in a way. I'll look rude to snap snap snap in front of their face. The guys are very good tho, after signing they shook hands with us and said thanks! hahaha... and I feel bad for only saying a soft 'Thank You' to Wu Chun in the end.

Oh well, can't turn back time, so just let it be. ^^

til my next post. ttfn!


bloodbubble said...

mr goh kiat chun is so handsome! can I curi his photo to post in weibo? ;)

sunset2712 said...
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