Saturday, March 5, 2011

ChillOut Bistro & Restaurant

A friend of mine discovered a place to chill out and unwind quite some time ago and told me about it. After so long, finally we've decided to go and check it out after a long day's work. What's the name of the place?

It's situated it Subang Parade and called ChillOut Bistro & Restaurant! I quite like the ambiance of the place coz they've few sections; of smoking/ non-smoking area. We opt to sit and dine at the non-smoking area because it's much cooler in there... =)

We had dinner at ChillOut and followed by a couple of drinks after that. Ordered 3 course to be shared coz it's really nicer to share our food rather than having a huge portion to only ourselves... Afterall, it's a joy to share, right?

I was in the mood for salad that day so I ordered this Cajun Grilled Chicken salad, which was quite disappointing frankly speaking. Maybe it's because of the dressing? or the lack of other variety of vegie in the salad? Hhmm, or maybe it's because of the both reasons? hahahah... If I pay a second visit there in the future, I'll remember not to order this again... =)

This is the best dish that we ordered. Angel Trio Salad where they prepare 3 types of pasta and place a bigass prawn in the middle of the plate. Yummsss..

Not sure what this pizza was. Think it's Hawaiian, coz there are chunks of pineapple topping it. Thin crusted and nice. ^^

The drinks that I had. One pint of Guinness draught and another glass of sangria. No comment about Guinness coz it taste the same everywhere... However, I have things to say about the glass of sangria... hhmm...

I really enjoy having sangria ever since I tried it in Spain few years back. ChillOut offer sangria in the drinks menu so I decided to give it a try. It's very very much disappointing again. Normally, sangria will have a taste of sweetness, and also have more variety of fruits that will be mixed into the wine few hours before it was served. The one that I had in ChillOut was so different! They basically just chuck some chopped apple into the red wine and serve to me! Didn't even give time to let the fruit (it was suppose to be Fruitsssss, not just one type) to blend into the wine. and worse of all, they serve it room temperature. It's meant to be served chilled lor...

Ok, felt much better after blabbing about my dissatisfaction on the Sangria.. Now, pics of us.. ^^

Me with one of my best best best friend, Juyen.

and another pic with another chimui/ buddy...

til then, ttfn

p/s: all pics are taken from my mobile phone. Hence, the bad quality and full with noise...

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