Friday, March 11, 2011

Chilling at T Forty Two

After our dinner at Rakuzen Empire, we walked out and pop into T Forty Two which is situated at the same floor from our dinner place. I asked the waiter why 'T Forty Two"? He then replied me with a simple, Its 'Tea for Two"... Well said, their concept was kinda unique in its own way and I'm glad that we went there instead of sticking to Rakuzen in the first place.

We wanted to have our dessert in Rakuzen itself but Debbs said theirs are not that great, so we changed to another place to basically chill and ordered a few cakes to be shared among ourselves.

At T Forty Two, they 'take pride in serving a range of classic teas from around the world and encourage people to pause and enjoy the timeless custom of having tea'. (from their menu)

Chocolate fudge, and passionfruit cheesecake. We only ordered two cakes coz all of us just basically wants to sit, and enjoy each others' company and chill.. =)

Us girls... Am the only wearing working attire coz I went there to meet them straight after work. =)

One of my friend said this place 'Tea for two' set was similar to the ones we had in The Walk Nottingham. Will pay a visit to this place for their English tea next time! I really enjoy going over to have tea in Nottingham when I was still in UK and even brought my mum over to have a 'taste' of how the English enjoy having their tea time. =)

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