Thursday, March 17, 2011

Chatbox Removed

Just removed the chatbox (Sidebar on the right) as I think it's getting more and more annoying now. Instead of having friends leaving messages to me, what I got at the end of the day was SPAMS!!

I really appreciate if people whom I know personally, or people whom I do not know leaving message or chat in the chatbox. Unfortunately, it's been abused and doesn't reflect anything to this blog anymore.

Few messages 'people' drop in the chatbox. I tried clicking on some of the links and it turned out to be some crappy sites... So, I'll just take the box off and continue the blog without it.


On a side note, it's almost the weekend, and I can almost smell the sweet scent of it NOW!! ho ho ho....

K, that's it's for today. tata for now.

1 comment:

bloodbubble said...

i get a lot of spam in my chatbox too