Sunday, February 20, 2011

Dinner at Jarrod & Rawlins

Debbs suggested we go to this place yesterday evening for dinner and well, we were satisfied after our meal.

Jarrod & Rawlins, which is situated in Damansara Heights is one of the restaurants that was transformed originally from a bungalow. Business people nowadays really can come out with different different ideas when it comes to sweeping money into their accounts... =)

Good food has to accompanied by great company, so here's my gals for the evening...

juyen, myself and joanne

cheng & debbs...

We plan to go for a few round of drinks after dinner, so we just ordered like 3 mains to be shared among us. Luckily we did not order more than that coz they are really generous with the portion of food served!

Here's our mains...

Spicy seafood marinara of prawns, mussels & calamari. A very generous serving of this pasta!

Salad nicoise with seared tuna sashimi. I don't take raw tuna so I just skipped having those little tunas and munch on the greens and olives instead. Oh btw, I super lurve having olives in my salad... ^^

Crispy Pork Knuckle with streaky bacon, served with J&R special sauce and a prune & apple compote. The bacons are excellent, and I lurve the skin of the pork too, very crispy! Meat's not as tender as the ones we had in German houses, but they're still good nonetheless.

After a satisfying meal, we hung out at the place for a while, taking lots of pictures of these vainpots, and then proceed to The Hill for some drinks...

Here's a pic of us after our meal, before the 'camwhoring' session begins.....

A girls night out is always the best during weekends!

til our next lil gathering, ttfn! =)

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