Thursday, February 17, 2011

CNY Friends Gatherings

Time flies and it's the end of Chinese New Year already!! 15 good days flew by just like that.... Am very glad I met up with quite a few of my friends that was long lost/ seldom contact this year!

However happy I was during the past two weeks, I don't feel good at times when I think of some of the people I refer as 'best buddies' coz I do not get to meet them!!! Yes, it's YOU!! (LYC, GYV, TSW, LLL, & AFSM). One did not come back, one too busy for everything, one have to start work early, the rest went for holiday til forgotten about others already... hhmmm....

Anyway, we'll think of the good times NOW!

CNY Day 2 @ My place

With JLYC's siblings, tuition mates...Was very thankful to my sis for staying over and helped to prepare food while parents are away to Ipoh. =)

CNY Day 3 @ my place

Only few of us but it's good fun nonetheless! I've prepared steamboat for the girls.. Woke up very early to wash, rinse, cut all the ingredients and ended up feeling quite tired later on... lol

CNY Day 3 @ Siewmei's place

Met a bunch of crazie people! Potluck party but I didn't know and went there empty handed. Knew new friends, long long lost friends and most importantly all are fun to be with!

CNY Day 4 @ Kenny's place

First time went to the newlyweds house. Good hospitality from the hosts. Too good til too much leftover of the food prepared. (Actually they just ordered like 12 pizzaz... and there are about 10 of us only!) hahahaha. I wonder where did those remaining pizzas have gone. Bin or someone else's tummy.... ^^

CNY Day 4 @ Chuking's place.

Also first time to another newlywed house. Had a lousang session and a lot of round of Blackjacks! Lose quite a bit @ their house. hhmmm...

Work starts on 5th day of CNY. Basically my days involving going to work, come back feeling tired, had dinner, chat on msn for a while, then sleeeep. *yawn*

CNY Day 8 @ Pavilion

Cannot stand having such boring times during CNY in Malaysia! So, we had a gathering during a weekday/workday! Met my Sheffield juniors for dinner at the Pavilion.

CNY Day 9 @ Tracy & CK's place.

Another newlyweds open house! It's on a friday so we played/ chit chat til quite late until the host said she's tired already... hahahaha... Then we can't do anything but to 'kuai kuai' go home. Luv this good friend of mine to bits! ^^

CNY Day 10 @ Juin's place

Our 2 day 1 night bainian, says Kyrina. Starting from Wangsa Maju to Melawati to I dunno where to finally Klang with my HOMies. 2 members missing but being replace by another 2 38s! =)

CNY Day 11 @ Ms Chew's place.

Her house is like 3 minutes walking distance from my house only! Just got to know her through my 38 Homgang. We stayed awake until 6 in the morning!! What we did? Play cards of course! hahahaha

CNY Day 12 a.k.a. V-day @ the Library

Final gathering with my friends this CNY. All singles gather today to celebrate V-day among ourselves. Some are 'attached' but their partners were not around, so they're qualified to join this gathering too! hahahaha

One last pic (a tiny portion) of the booze we had that night.... Once a year, takpa lah! No more drinking after this or else my cough will not recover.

Last word for all of you out there, Happy Chap Goh Mei everyone!!!

signing off now. kthxbai

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