Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Capdase and bengang-ness

Moodless now.

14th February 2011 - The day where I carelessly left my iPhone cable @ the Library after a lot of alcohol intake. Thus leaving the phone without a charger and I have to borrow another usb cable/ charger from a friend.

16th February 2011 - The day where I had to force myself to get my iPhone a brand new charger/ cable. If not, I wouldn't be able to online at work (from my phone, duh).

Capdase is what I chose.

My brand new (and NOT forgetting EXPENSIVE) Capdase USB power adapter & cable kit. More than RM130 is considered VERY expensive for me, just for a cable and few adapters only, hello?

This set includes 4 changeable plugs for traveling ease.

Fast forward 7 days/ one week later.

23rd February 2011 - The day where I found NOT one, BUT two cables lying in one of the boxes at home!!

Super duper bengang with myself now!!! Argghhh....

There. The usb cable from my very first iPod mini (First generation one, don't play play!) and another cable I've forgotten from which iPod I own already...

How I wish I am stil in UK now, so that I could return the set of Capdase adapters and don't have to spend a single penny on the stuff!! ish ish ishh....

k, finish blabbing... time to rest and sleep~!

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