Monday, January 31, 2011

Week 5 of 2011

Jolly good days for me this week!

Monday - Work

Tuesday - Off Day (Public Holiday in KL)

Wednesday - Half day work. Company announced off for everyone @ second half of the day.

Thursday - CNY Public holiday

Friday - CNY public holiday

Saturday - It's the weekend sure it's a off day!

Sunday - Off day but have to prepare to dread the next working day already!

LOL. Most of my friends already took leave for the week in preparing stuffs and to welcome the year of the rabbit in the lunar new year. Well, not for me though. If I were to take the days off, it'll be no pay leave for me, so I better not taking any, plus, my home's just an hour away. Don't need to be like other people have to 'balik kampung' and so on and so forth. Working 1.5 days out of 7 is not bad after all. The CNY mood won't go away even when I go to work. So it's all still very good to me!

hahaha... Time flies, it's the last day of the first month of 2011 today. The time goes by so fast it's almost scary to think that it was just yesterday we were ushering the new year one new year's eve exactly a month ago. bbrrrr....

Can't wait for the first day of the Chinese New Year now. Will meet friends I don't normally see during the years, having fun just chilling from one house to another, getting angpaos, and most importantly can play cards!!! This is the only time of the year I allow myself to have a lil bit of small games of card i.e. involving money. hahahaha....

oklah am not going to blab so much now. Going to have a good night's sleep and charge my energy for work in the morning. til then, ttfn!

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