Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Off Work

I can't believe my very first 'official' post in 2011 is about this~!!

Hhhmm, it's only the third day of my working life in 2011, and look where am I now? At HOME!!!

No, I did not resigned. I got a day off work due to the bad coughing AGAIN!! It first started from my itchy throat during New Year's day, and then it became more irritating making me almost collapse altogether. I went to work as usual on Monday, but it rained heavily when during lunch. We had to brisk walk from our neighbour building to our office block. Think this is where I start catching a cold.

On Tuesday, everything was fine except for my throat. I thought it will be okay, but when I reached home after work at about half past 9, I started getting the whole set... Whole set = flu, cough, bad throat and thank goodness no sign of fever in me. The whole night was a nightmare. I kept getting up from sleep every 10 minutes or so. I gave up in the end. ggrrr....

So, here am I again. Just woke up from my sleep due to the over powerful dose of medicine the doctor gave me. Once I had it at 10 something in the morning, I slept all the way through the afternoon. Well, like my friend says, it's a chance for me to rest sufficiently!

til my next post, ttfn!


bloodbubble said...

i have a cold that keep going on and off for the past few weeks :(( weather is bad you gotta take care of yourself. get well soon!!

sunset2712 said...

Thanks Ling!! On and off is alrite, but THIS is too much! I can't even sleep at night... *suffer*