Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Macam nie la...

OK this is a scenario which happened only recently in the office.

L: Hi, boleh tanya macam mana nak guna machine ni?

N: {looked at L casually and responded} Macam nie la... {continues to look at L casually after taking the sheet that cover the machine, and did nothing after that}

L: Oh okie. I akan figure it out myself. {smiles, and continue looking blankly at the machine, and figured it out by herself 2 minutes later}


If I know how to operate that thing, I wouldn't have ask YOU in the first place. What sort of shit answer was that?! ! Really dislike this kinda people who are not willing to teach. Damn!

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fei said...

wahseh....ur coll v.lcly...mine r v.nice...but the workload is really v.horrible....worse than my previous job...duno how people can tahan here....wait, i find new job, i mau ciao a.s.a.p. d...betahan......