Sunday, January 30, 2011


Aiyo, so tired I don't know why am I feeling so tired also. hhhmmm....

I've only been away for 3 days to Haiyai, Thailand and I'm feeling so blardy tired already! Yeah, went for a weekend gateaway 'jalan-jalan, shopping-shopping, makan-makan' trip with 2 of my HOMies! Just reached home a while ago and I haven't got the mood to unpack just yet.

Buying is a bliss, packing is pain, unpacking is the worst! argghh.!! Think I'll leave the unpacking til Tuesday where it's the Federal Territory day and I'll be having a day off from work! Oh yes, it's a brilliant idea yeah?

I saja wanna update here to tell you how tired I am even on a really short trip. Maybe it's the short trip that makes us feel more tired. No time to rest properly at our holiday place and so fast need to pack to come back home again. Will blog about it when I am (almost) physically fit! haahhaa... Anyway, I'll just pen off for now. ta!

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