Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Kita no Zen

Had a good meal at Kita no Zen a Japanese restaurant located @the Gardens. It's my first visit at the restaurant and I will definitely go back to this place in the future.

Service was prompt, good food, great ambiance, but the price is a bit on the high side to be frankly. Went there with another friend and we thought we don't order that much. In the end, still order quite a few awesome food to be shared.. =)

This is the Kani Salad. After the very failed one I ordered in Sakae Sushi, this one is considered as heavenly already! Oh, and how I totally lurve the generous amount of roe topping for the salad! Yumsss....

How can I NOT order this when we're in a Jap food place, right? My favourite Japanese steamed egg - Chawanmushi.... *slurp slurp*

Ankimo a.k.a Monkfish Liver RM18.00 for 3 small pieces... This one is not that nice compared with the ones I had in New Jersey last year. My friend do not like it, so I had two of them.. =)

...and Sashimi!!! Fresh salmon with salmon roe. The salmon belly taste good too. I really like the way they present their food. *argh, I wanna go there soon!*

Our mains. With carbohydrate so it'll fill our tummy up. Unagi roll. The taste is slightly different as they put some herbs into the roll. Quite creative, but I do not like it so much. Will ask them to omit the herbs the next time I dine there.

I was feeling so greedy of sweet stuff and ordered this sinful dessert even though I was very full already.

I think I am getting used to having nice desserts after a good meal now. Pancake + Ice Cream + Fruit =!!

Well, I'm feeling so stuffed now after looking at these food.

til then, ttfn!

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