Monday, January 24, 2011

A friend's visit...

When a friend/ friends came to visit at your hometown, where would you normally bring them to? Well, a good friend Jon came all the way from the UK to Malaysia for holiday and he and Stewart + friends dropped by at Klang for half a day and these are the places I showed them.

1) Aeon Bukit Tinggi!

hahahaha... A typical place for a shopaholic like me to ask them meet me here in Aeon. =) BUT, that's not the main point. Main point is, I didnt shop at all! In fact the guys bought quite a few things there... Me? Nothing! hahaha... Both of them bought a few shirts and some nonsense there. *shakes head*

One of the nonsense. See the little piglet Jon was holding? It's actually a his face with Piglet's body. The 'face' is like 3d sort of thing, with pointed nose and eyes bend in. RM19.90 for the small one, total waste of money. But it only cost him £4.00 for this. So it's considered cheap for an English man.

2) Klang Seafood!!!

Stewart suggested Teluk Gong seafood but it's quite a journey from my place to Teluk Gong so I suggested this Sungai Yu seafood restaurant which is situated in Bukit Tinggi. A reasonably priced restaurant with some decent seafood that we wanted. =)

3) I-city!

It's my first visit to the I-city after seeing quite a number of my friends posted I-city's pictures on facebook. The city of digital lights is obviously overrated. With all the maintenance that they need, it's kinda cheap as we only need to pay RM10.00 for each car that goes into the area.

So, that's all about my half day spent with friends that came to visit Klang today. Not many places covered as we've already wasted a few hours shopping in Aeon. Next time, I'll cross Aeon out from places to bring my friends to when they come for visit.

Here's a last pic of me @ I-city, the city of digital lights. =)

til then, ttfn!

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