Thursday, January 6, 2011

Bad Service...

Today's not a good day for me and so coincidentally, I met with this two (out of the many many many) bad service a Malaysian will encounter during their daily life. Malaysia BOLEH!!

First case was on my way to work. It wasn't very early actually, but when I step my foot into KTM Klang station. This was what greeted me at the entrance.

Hello? You are suppose open the counter at before 6.00am daily! I was there almost 7.00 and look how efficient our public transport providers are... Again, Malaysia boleh!

I wasn't really annoyed looking at the 'Tutup" counter as it doesn't really relate to me coz I pay using my Touch 'n' Go card... If I was one of the unlucky customer which needed to get a train ticket from the counter, a letter of complaint I shall send over to their head office! hahahaha

Second case. At KL Sentral's McDonalds.

I was told to go home from my superior at about 10.30 when I started coughing non-stop in the office. So, I took a train home. Before going into the platforms, I wanted to grab myself a cuppa tea before boarding. Here's what I was treated at....

Look at the counter. Where are all the freaking staffs??

Customers are being left unattended while the staffs are taking their own sweet time doing their 'job'. I was truly annoyed at that very moment coz my throats itch like nobody's business! I think there are 4 or 5 counters available there but only 2 of them is opened. Out of the two, there is only ONE staff standing at the counter taking orders!

Under staff from McD? I don't think so... It's just that the staffs here are too.... [you fill in the vocab]!! How to get the country moving with all these people in the country? sighh..... I then left without having any hot tea in my hand after waited for 5 minutes there.

This is a post written under utter annoyance.

Thank you very much. -ta-

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