Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tracy & CK's BIG Day!!

My first ever classmate from high school is married! She will be having her wedding ceremony few days later, and the wedding dinner was few days earlier... =)

Keith Ng & Tracy Teh...

A very big congratulations to my dearest Tracy & Choon Keith!

We had a few souvenirs to be brought home to remember this memorable day of our friends'.


Custom made candies in this lovely boxes...


Once we reached the registration area, we were being asked to take a picture... and while we're having our dinner, this was presented to us! A photo together with the frame lagi... ^^

Was very happy throughout the dinner coz I get to meet some of our old classmates!!

This one a bit messy coz all of us are cramped in that area where we were seated...

This one more organised.... My secondary 4 and 5 classmates.... =)

this will be a very simple entry coz I got to go out in a while...

and... a last pic before I conclude...

Myself and the bride!!!

til then, ttfn!

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Firdaus said...

i was at the wedding as well.,,

i wanted to know one of tracy cousin..but i didnt get to say hi to her..

fb : Riseman mericanz