Thursday, December 30, 2010

Things I did... and did not.

I did not set any resolutions to be completed at the beginning of this year. However, over 5 months ago, I've written a 'Things-to-do" list and it had to be done by the end of 2010... Let's see what have I done, and those that have not been done.. =)

The ones in italic are the stuff that I've set myself to do about half a year ago... Here goes:

1) Get a permanent job with a decent pay back home
Since I came back from the UK three months ago, I've been looking for a job with a pay that could cover my expenses.. and finally I got one! So a TICK to this one...

2) Meet Leehom at least ONCE before 2011
A big fat CROSS for this one. Failed so miserably! Two of my plans involving flying over to the States or Taiwan to meet him failed... No worries, there will be always another year! *positive thinking*

3) Eat all the seafood I want!! I miss having cheap seafood dinner back in Malaysia.
Hhmmm, when I was still in UK, I miss the seafood back home dearly.... and when I am already back here in Klang, I haven't eaten so much of seafood that I expected myself to have... I've been to some seafood restaurant, max 3 times in three months!... So, I think this will also be a TICK... =)

4) Short break to Prague

NO time to plan for this trip before I came back. CROSS also...

5) Get myself another wrist watch... A good one, please.
Hahaha I've gotten a wrist watch of course... Not an expensive one, but I like it very much! hehehee

6) An awesome lens for my camera.
Siggghhhhh.... Sadly I didn't get a new lens coz I seriously don't know what lens should I get in the first place... Will carry forward this to the next year.

7) Be more organised.
Er I am actually wrong in saying that coz I didnt state whether I will be organised in what sense. Overall, I still think I am the same... So, a CROSS for this again...

8) A trip to Scotland (and most importantly to John o' Groats)
FAIL FAIL FAIL MAXXXXX... Don't get me started on this anymore. I had enough of disappointment already.

9) Shopping spree at one of the designers outlet in UK

Managed to squeeze myself to Liverpoolfor my last shopping in Cheshire Oaks this year! Thanks to my good friend Suewei for fetching me there and also get to eat at Jamie Oliver's restaurant...

10) Read more newspapers/ current issues.
I can proudly say I read the newspapers now! On a DAILY basis somemore... Mind you, not just entertainment news but all the news in the world too! Reason: I collect the free paper from the train station before going to work everyday... =)

11) Road trip with family. Anywhere will do!
This one hasn't been done yet. Unless a trip to Genting counts? I'll give this half a tick... hehehe

12) A trip to any country in Asia. (Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore not counted)
Went to Shanghai (China) for the first time with Kyrina. A very fun and memorable trip indeed!

13) Broaden my general knowledge.
People says when you read more, the knowledge you obtain will automatically be broaden without you knowing it! Er, I can't say about this. Half a tick for this as well... XD

14) A good leather wallet. Louis Vuitton preferably.
Arghhh... I am still using the coin purse Carlis & gang got for me during Christmas 2009! BUT, I've had an eye for a wallet now... It's quite expensive, but I'll get it once my sponsors agreed with me buying it... ho ho ho

15) Memorise the lyrics from Leehom's upcoming album. I'm sure this will be done in no time. Easy peasy!
Kacang putih... A big TICK for this!

16) Bettter time management. I am kinda sick of procrastination, but still can't help it
Never late to work in this 4 weeks that I've started working.... So far there are no real assignments for me to do in the office, so can't really judge on my time management area. Half a tick for this too....

17) iPhone 4/ Blackberry 9700
I've changed from a BB to an iPhone user now! No doubt I lurve my previous Blackberry, but iPhone is so much fun to play... especially the endless games that I could download from the appstore!

18) Watch one more football match before I go back to M'sia for good.
Shouldn't have set this as one of the things to do. I am not interested in football... Prefer concerts, anytime, anywhere....

19)Summer vacation to an island in Europe
Been to Malta! If you don't know where the heck is it, go google and check it out yourself. ^^ It's one of the best island trip that I've been.... Stunning sceneries, good food, and an even more fun people to go with!

20) Be more patient, and try not to lose temper so quickly! hahaha...
I am a very patient person now. No shoutings, no showing my tempers without any warnings, etc. See.... I am all goooood. hahahahaah

What's the final score for this? I've got 11.5 out of 20 points that I've given myself!.... It's more than 50% of ticks, so a hurrah to me for passing my own list.

Well, it's the eve of new year's eve now and I'm sitting at home blogging. Feel like going out for a drink or something now... Til then, ttfn!


~ kC ~ said...

Number 20 need to improve much much more! With the you-know-what-sound that's always coming out fr u! Hahaha!

bloodbubble said...

KC.. 'say what? F- off!' hahaha

sunset2712 said...

KC, I oredi improved a lot lehhhh

Hahahah is not the F word my dear bloodbubble! another annoying sound i like to make when I am annoyed... LOL