Sunday, December 19, 2010

Smiley =) [Part 2]

Just came back from Jam Hsiao's concert in Bukit Jalil and guess who I saw?!! (Actually it was not me who spotted him, my beloved friend KC saw him while she was chatting with her friend outside the stadium) It's Danell Lee!! If you don't know who he is, well, he's another singer that I liked from Malaysia... =)

The first time I had a 'solo' pic with him was last year, and coincidentally the same fella took the picture for me too! TYVM Kyrina!! hahahah

So here's a second pic... ^^

Taken after the concert outside Bukit Jalil Indoor Stadium....


Ok, will sign off now and blog about the concert when I have the mood to... ho ho ho

til then, ttfn!


bloodbubble said...

i've been meaning to say this since i first saw you post this pic in FB.. what happened to him - premature aging ah? why his face berkedut kedut one?

sunset2712 said...

hahahah... i also dunno oh! but then am sure is not ur so called 'premature aging' larh! don't so bad, bloodbubble!!