Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Gifts 2010

My birthday this year was not as merry as previous few years but I am still very thankful that I have few good friends already! No big gatherings but me and few friends went out to chill and dinner on the eve of my birthday.... and spend half day on my birthday working, and the other half dinner with family, and chill again with some friend after dinner... =)

Well, I would like to share the gifts that I got with you here.... So touched to receive gifts from family again...

Before unwrapping them...

and these are what I've got! Lurve each and every item that I receive this year... ^^

#1. This is from my big sis... a TDK Ipod dock... Actually I already have an Altec Lansing one, from my second bro... But this is also very nice!

#2. From my nephew Qian Qian! Initially I thought my second sis bought it for me... then in the end she clariffied to me that my fatty nephew dig all his money from his piggybank to get this for me... Awww... so touched!

Crabtree & Evelyn hand lotion....

#3. erm, this one is a bit sinful... From my Qian also! I think he wanted to eat this so get this for me so that I could give him back! hahaahha

#4. This is finally from my second sis... Aiyor, she still thinks I'm a kiddo... but I like it nonetheless! =)

#5. two gifts from Fei. A handmade photo album from Bali, and a mixture of different brands' stuff... Thank a lot siaupo!!

#6. and finally the cutest gift from FZ!! pink cuddly love hug rawrr cushion with massaging features too!

So, thank you for these gifts... and also the 100 over wishes I got from sms-es, calls, twitter, and facebook!

til then, ttfn!

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Fei said...

Y am I the siaopo?? Teruk betul.....