Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 in pictures...

It's the time of the year again... A summary to conclude the year. This year it'll more just pics and some words to go with... =)

Here goes:


First time buying scratch cards that was shared among 4 of us. Won £2. Got my whole handbag stolen and this is the worst day of 2010! My camera gone, so I bought a dSLR ring to replace the old one. Neh, just kidding! Day trip to Nottingham. Bought a new pink mobile phone, come guess how much I paid for it? Only £4.95!!! Worked hard for trips... 3 jobs for me.


Chinese New Year dinner and celebration in Sheffield for the 3rd year. Nadya and PH's birthday celebration. Had a hair cut in two years and it totally ruined my hair!! So, spent another £30 to mend it in another saloon. So freaking regretted I made the decision to get my haircut in that awful saloon. Worked even harder to earn myself a trip to the States!


This month is the busiest of all. Working occupied most of my times. Other than that, just hanging out with friends when I have off days. Apply my Post Study Worker visa and it's been approved. Two additional years to stay in the country. British Airways cabin crew strike and it affected me coz my flight to New York was delayed for few days...


Finally step my foot on the American land! Flight was cancelled due to the volcanic ash from volcanoes in Iceland. Two-week trip became a month. Go to every HRC in different places to expand my HRC tee collection. Met bloodbubble and travel with her for 10 days. Front row seats to 2 out of 3 Mayday concerts in Connecticut and Hollywood. Been to quite a lot of places in the States thanks to two of my most beloved brothers!


Westlife "Where We Are" concert in Sheffield. MK Lee's birthday celebration. Weston Park fair. Barbecue session, it's almost summer so a barbecue session is compulsory!! Working hard again for my next trip in a few weeks.


Been to London 3 times in a month! Second sis came over to visit. Itinerary including London, Paris, Sheffield, Nottingham, Manchester, Stonehenge, Cornwall, Bath and Bristol, all in a span on two weeks! Had Korean food for my very first time in central London! Bon Jovi concert in O2 Arena London...


Annual visit to the strawberry farm in Whirlow. Yan Mun and May's birthday celebration. Juniors got featured in the local newspaper for doing a good research for the company that they've been allocated to. Proud of them! It's summer so more cheap shopping in Sheffield Markets and Car boot sales... Feifong's farewell lunch at Wasabisabi.


Trip to Malta, situated at Southern Europe and is one of the world's smallest country! With the awesome bunch. =) Watch 'The Lion King' at Lyceum Theatre, London. 3rd barbecue session this season. Sheffield Fayre, met my old coursemates in Tar college. Counting down to my days back home... Sad and excited at the same time!


Quit all my jobs during the last two weeks in UK. Went to Liverpool to meet Suewei, and shopping at Cheshire Oaks! Dinner at China Red for their super tasty Szechuan dishes for the final time. Tua my thai friend treat us to a home cook Thai meal! Spent my Mid-autumn festival in London's Chinatown. Watched Les Miserables at Queen's Theatre. It was superb! Farewell lunch at Doncaster. Sobs I finally am going back to Klang for good!


This months is specially dedicated to the lovely food in Asia! Consume sooooo many varieties of food this month. ^^ Shanghai & Suzhou trip with Kyrina. Had world's famous Shanghai Xiao Loong Bao and their Hairy crabs.. We're in luck coz it's the hairy crabs season there! Saw 10 baby pandas in Shanghai Wildlife Zoo. Went to Shanghai Expo for 3 days and we finally surrender to the people in the country... What they have most in the Mainland? It's Human!!!! hahahaha


Second last month of the year. Deepavali at my brother-in-law's place. Youngest niece's kindergarten graduation. Day trip to Genting Highlands. Girls night out with my girls.... Karaoke session with the kids at Redbox. Go all the way to Penang to attend my coursemate's wedding. Kevin my eldest nephew's birthday celebration at Windmill and back home.


Finally the month that I've anticipated since last December! My second sister's sons birthdays; one on the 5th another 13th. Awesome cakes they have! Accepted my first job offer in Marsh, Bangsar. Jam Hsiao's concert at Indoor Stadium Bukit Jalil. After concert saw Danell and took a picture with him. He looked very skinny here! One of my best friend, Tracy's wedding!!! No birthday celebrations for me this year coz need to work. Had dinner with family and chill at Starbucks thereafter. Have to thank the bunch that accompanied me that day! Exchange gifts sessions on the 28th among the colleagues in Marsh.

Well, today's the last day of the year and I'm still not sure what will I be doing later in the evening/ night.

I can't say it's been all good in 2010 but I take the bads as a point where I have to stop, and learn from the hiccups. Anyway, it's the time of the year again that we've got to bid goodbye to 2010, and at the same time gives a warm welcome to 2011! Happy New Year to all of you who are reading this at the moment!

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bloodbubble said...

wah what a happening year. happy new year to you!