Monday, November 29, 2010

Old Winston Coffee Garden's Dim Sum

Went to this Dim Sum place for breakfast after Fei's friend recommended us there... So, we google where the place was situated at, and off we went after checking out from our hotel. XD

It's only 3 minutes away.... After adding traffic times, it's also about 5 minutes away only... =)

When we reached the place, we have to round to times at the parking lot in order to get a parking space... The place was packed even it's only 8 something in the morning... We all agreed that this place will definitely be nice, coz it's packed with more locals than tourists! Good choice, good choice!

See the crowd? It's not the whole space, there were at least 20 more tables behind (from this picture) ... =)

Since the business was so good, this place isn't like our usual dimsum place where you pick the food that you wanted from waiters pushing a trolley. Here, customers choose their dimsum straight from the 'entrance' of the kitchen!

Sufern with a tray of our breakfast!

Here's round ONE of our dim sum session... Yes, it's crazy for 4 young ladies only... We really had a LOT of food lor that morning! hahahaha...

Here's two plates of 'Siew Mai' in round TWO of our breakfast session... ^^

What's dim sum session without 'Chee Cheong Fun', right? So, it's my turn to go get more food for us!!

There's a person specially stood in the kitchen making Chee Cheong Fun for the customers there. I waited for about 10 minutes to get 3 plates for us... Lena doesn't want so it's 3 instead of 4 plates... ^^

Guaranteed freshness here!

Alright, here's one of the highlights of the day! My favourite PRAWN chee cheong fun!! *lurves*

After we are done with (almost) all the food on the table, I call out to one of the waitress for bill... I took a hundred ringgit out to foot the bill, but when she said it's RM43.80, all of us was very surprised. No doubt the food in Penang would be cheaper than in Klang Valley, but this is like so cheap lor! The bill includes two more dimsum that I've take home with me...

We left the place feeling very very stuffed, and headed back home to Klang thereafter...

I'll definitely be back to Old Winston Coffee Garden's dim sum the next time I pay a visit to Penang Islang...

til then, ttfn!

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