Saturday, November 27, 2010

Kafe Heng Huat

Arrived at Penang this afternoon at 1pm... What's the best thing to do here? It's none other than food hunting of course!! First destination... Char Kuey Tiaw !!!!

Heng Huat Coffee Shop (situated at Lorong Selamat) is one of the famous Char Kuey Tiaw place out of the many many stalls that was being offered in Penang.

Before we went to the place, Sufern told us the lady who fries these sinful Char Kuey Tiaw wears a goggles and a red chef hat while doing her business... When we were there, the first thing we did was to whether is it true or not... Sigh, today she only wore the red hat without any cute goggles that was mentioned before... XD

Oh ya, these are the 3 other people that kept all of us company throughout our journey from Klang to Pulau Pinang!

Fei, LH, Sufern & Lena

Upon entering the shop lot (coffee shop), this attractive giant Ice Kacang sign caught our eyes and 3 (out of 4) of us ordered a portion of ice kacang each...

Much to our disappointment, this was placed in front of us 10 minutes later....

The one on the board is totally different from this one lor! hhmmph! I did enjoy this shaved iced thingy coz the weather was very warm.. ^^

While waiting for our Char Kuey Tiaw to be served, we ordered another portion of fried oyster with egg coz the lady said our waiting time for the food is a freaking 60 MINUTES!! One hour for the 3 plates of flat rice noodle omg! The place was really packed with human and we just waited for people to leave and we took their seats. Since we came all the way from Klang to try this, might as well wait for it, right?

Fried oyster with egg... Yums (minus those yucky coriander!)

After waiting like FOREVER for our Char Kuey Tiaw, two plates finally placed in front of us. Within 5 minutes, the plates are empty again... No doubt these hawker stall food are tasty, but I think people really overrated this place! What's so unique about this place? Well, it's just that they've replaced our normal shrimps with big prawns while frying the noodle... and the price? it's quite expensive for a hawker stall standard!

RM 7.00 with only two prawns...

RM9.00 with four prawns...

While waiting, Fei's friend called her and asked us to order an additional 5 plates for them. Their timing was just right, just after we've finished our food, they arrived and took our places without waiting and can conveniently have their Char Kuey Tiaw which was already placed on the table for them! hahahaha

I took a picture of it and then let them have our places... and we went back to the hotel to prepare for dinner! hahahaah...

Comment on the food from Fei, "Long awaited, not appreciated... " hahahaha... True, true, after waited for so long, all our mood had gone with the wind...

til my next post, ttfn!

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