Wednesday, November 24, 2010

First visit to Fullhouse

Girls night out!

After hearing so much about this lifestyle store and cafe which was once upon a time a hype among my friends, finally I've been to one last weekend!

Went there to have dinner for the first time coz we were indecisive on where to go, then I suggested this place, and no one disagree, so here we are at the Sunway Giza's Fullhouse!

We were not that hungry, so we decided to order 3 mains to be shared among the 4 of us.... =)

The portion of their food was generous, taste good, but think it could be better! Service from the waiters are prompt but the manager, er, how do I put it into word? Erm, he's not that friendly when we asked him some questions... hhmmm...

Anyway, here's what we had~!

Clam spaghetti with chilli flakes.

Grilled chicken chop served with vegetables, mash potatoes, and raisin sauce. This sauce is very unique in its own way and I enjoy this the most compared to the other two mains that we had ordered. XD

Dory fish with some awesome spinach, mash potatoes in yet another yummy sauce!

We were very full after all the food, but I insisted to order a dessert to be shared coz I was in the mood for Creme brulee that day. hahahaha...

Creme brule. Nice but could be improved... The top sugar coating could be burnt a lil while more and it'll be perfect already! hahaha...

Just the few of us, but it's fun nonetheless!

This is a lifestyle store, so after all the food and drinks, we went on to look at the things that are being offered in the store... Clothes and accessories are not cheap, just fun to look at. LOL

We came out from the cafe empty handed and proceed to The Library at Curve for a few more round of drinks... Although there's only the 4 of us, but we've had lots of fun just hanging around and chat the whole time! Oh, did I mention I did not see the girls for about 3 years already? So, it's plain fun!!! ^^

til my next update, ttfn!

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joannelee said...

are u sure we were not that hungry? someone said there will be second round...thats why we tarik handbrake a bit....we were FAMISHEd okie...hahahah