Monday, November 1, 2010

Expo 2010 - Day 2 & 3

Day 2 (12th Oct 2010)


This is at the Joint Pavilion of Central and South American Countries.


Also at Joint Pavilion of Central and South American Countries.


A very grand pavilion from afar. Once you got inside. It's not that great. But I really liked the swings they've got at the ground floor. Lots of visitors all flocked to the ground floor just for the swing! LOL


Lots of their traditional arts and crafts on display. We can take them home too, but with a quite expensive price tag, of course. =)

European Union & Belgium

Walked over to the European zone again. Coincidentally, the queue to this pavilion was not that long compared to the rest. Waited for about half an hour though. Upon entering, everyone was given a piece of Belgian biscuit and on the way out, they've got a stall which sells the exact same thing... Very smart to let everyone have free tasting before buying. No doubt, it's nice - some caramel flavoured biscuit.


From outside, this pavilion looks very grand and spacious but Spain doesn't seem to utilise their space very much. The interior is smaller than what it actually is. There's a giant real life lookalike baby which kinda freaks me out after staring at it for quite some time. But I was very amazed of the whole structure though.


Wuu.... How I lurve Ireland! When I stepped my foot into the pavilion, I was hoping that I could see Westlife in there. And of course, I did! There is an exhibit on the well-known people from Ireland and I quickly grab the chance to take a 'group' photo with the lads from Ireland... ^^


A very cooling effect crept upon us once we entered into this pavilion. (Don't get me wrong, it's not the creepy kinda cool... ) ^^

Coca Cola

We were quite tired by this time. So, we decided to take the shuttle back to the main gate (Gate 5) and didn't realised we went into the wrong one. And then we ended up at the other side of the river, which is where all the corporate pavilions are situated at. The pavilions here are more lively as there are more lightings on the buildings. Coca cola was one of them. =)

Day 3 (15th Oct 2010)

A day to chill in the expo due to the madness crowd in the area. It was so freaking packed with people! Even those pavilions that haven't got a long queue during the previous 2 days we came, it's packed like sardine today! mad mad mad.... In the end, we just chill in the expo. So, we walked around that area, took shuttle to other zones, sat on the 'cruise', and basically just spending time OUTSIDE of all the other pavilions that we haven't been to, and also not intending to go in... Lazy to queue for all the pavilions anymore. ggrrr...


We purposely reach the Expo area very early with the intention to queue and get a ticket for us to enter the Taiwan pavilion. BUT, to our utmost disappointment, when we reached the place, all tickets were already given away for the day.


After walking for quite some time, we decided to go into Monaco pavilion to have a look since they're queuing is about half an hour or so (all other pavilions average queue time is more than an hour!!). Luckily we went coz I've got a chance to see a Formula One car! hehehehe...


After Monaco, we walked aimlessly to no where in mind until we were in front of France. The crowd was crazy as usual, but we decided to queue despite the more than an hour wait.


Another joint pavilion. Africa one now... By this time, we were sick and tired of all the photo taking. Tired of queuing, tired of all the walking, and of course tired all the humans there! Just walked and briefly looked at the joint pavilion, and go.


The so-called 'Happy Street'. This excellent and innovative pavilion really captured lots of visitors (including us!) to the building. Very eye catching from afar, after the UK pavilion.

Corporate Pavilions

Before wrapping up our 3 days in Shanghai expo, we decided to go to the other side of the world again!! Yes, 3 times already! Queuing time to Coca cola pavilion is 4 hours even-though it's already past 9 at night. We went all the way to the end (or it isn't?) just looking at the constructions and designs of the outer buildings. Spent about an hour there and decided to back home and rest....

All in all, day 1 and 2 was very good. Third day, well, all I can is we haven't enjoyed ourselves very much because of the human factor. Really wish China wasn't that over populated. But, we also made a right choice to go on the 15th instead of 16th coz it was the busiest day since it's opening ceremony! One million over people cramped in the expo area on the 16th! I really can't imagine how it will be like coz on the 15th, visitors that came were about 700 thousand and I already feel like dying in there... T_T

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