Friday, October 22, 2010

The Little Mermaid in Shanghai

The purpose of me going to Shanghai (for the first time) is for the Expo 2010. So, it made sense that I start blogging about my trip on my favourite pavilion first!

Which country's pavilion that I liked best?

Answer: Denmark!

We went to the Expo for 3 days and Denmark was the last pavilion we visited on the first day we were there. One of the reason I said it is my favourite pavilion because the Danish brought in other attractions from Denmark too!

One fine example, their city bikes!

The Denmark pavilion's theme was basically from the fairy tale the Little Mermaid... I was mesmerised by it when I saw the mermaid coz she travelled all the way from Copenhagen!

The pavilion is a few storey high building with a big spiral stairs at the centre. Visitors that went into the pavilion can ride the bikes around the big loop but I was there quite late that night, so did not manage to ride the bikes in the pavilion.

At the top of the pavilion, we can look over at other pavilions nearby and also a bridge. A very beautiful sight indeed. ^^

This is the mermaid from the top of the pavilion. Lurve the reflection on the wall...

Before concluding this entry, here's another collage of the little mermaid taken from different angles.

til then, ttfn! More entries on my first visit to China next!

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