Sunday, October 31, 2010

Expo 2010 - Day 1

Place: Shanghai, China

Overall, I went to the Shanghai Exposition for 3 days and it's very unlikely for me to talk every bit about the expo here. So, I'll just pick a few pavilions to post. My favourite pavilion is of course, Denmark. The worst? Well, there are quite a bit of smaller pavilions which are crap and they're not worth mentioning... Hence, I'll omit them here. =)

Day 1 (8th Oct 2010)


The very first pavilion we visited was Malaysia!! See how patriotic we were! The theme is One Malaysia which I find it rather normal. I hate to admit this, but I kinda like our country's pavilion! We queued for about half an hour before entering only to know that we could just walked in by showing our Malaysian IC to them... ggrr...

New Zealand

New Zealand pavilion is situated next to Malaysia's. So, upon exit from the first pavilion, we hopped to the second one. There's a garden at the roof which I find it quite interesting, especially on the Native New Zealand christmas tree.


From afar, we could already see the giant picture of Angkor Wat. The inside? It contains Canbodia's cultural heritage and also packed with humans as usual. They also sell lots of their local arts and craft but with a much much more expensive price tag. Would lurve to visit Cambodia in the future!


This is the first pavilion that we've visited which entertain the visitors with performances of their local music!

Czech Republic

Czech Republic heavily uses the term 'technology' here... They've highlighted the use new technologies to produce a virtual city. A different type of 'styles' from the others, and I liked it a lot too! =)


By this time, we're quite tired from all the walking and QUEUING so both of us doesn't seem to enjoy this pavilion very much. Part of it must be the human factor, we got totally fed up by the queuing part. Some were cutting queue, some were down right annoying... You could really see all sorts of human characters here in China. hhmmm....

United Kingdom

The "Seed Cathedral". From the very beginning, Kyrina already said she wanted to go visit UK pavilion. Why she wanted to visit the pavilion so badly? Well, it's because we've read online that it's design was one of a kind and so make it more special, every rod has one variety of seed at the end of it. Just imagine, 60 thousand types of seed (and the slim rod) to form the structure of this pavilion! We've had a meal from the German pavilion's restaurant and enjoyed a pint of beer before this and our mood were good! So, we went on queuing for one hour before entering this majestic pavilion.

Next, we went to see The Little Mermaid and thus conclude our first day in the Shanghai expo.

Other pavilions that are not featured here: Belarus, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Georgia, and Malta. These are the smaller pavilions and we were tired of taking so much pictures in one day already.

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