Wednesday, September 22, 2010


We went all the way to Chesterfield for this Japanese all-you-can-eat buffet called O-Tokuda on Sunday and was thankful we made the right decision. Food was average coz we can't expect to get super good stuff by paying only £11.99, right?

It was a worth for money buffet and we enjoyed the food throughout the whole 2-hour when we were there. This buffet is different from the ones we used to get back home as food will only be prepared upon ordering, and the waiter will bring the food over to our table instead of going to fetch them ourselves.

Here are only SOME of the food we had... Not all captured in pictures, but it's like damn a lot already! XD

Basically what you see in each pic, just multiply it with either 2 or 3 plates, and it's what we had! THAT much!! I know... XD

Chicken skewers marinated with yakitori sauce. Very salty, and not to what I like coz they used chicken breast, which I don't like.

Chicken with mango rolls. We had plenty of this! 5 plates maybe? Very yummy!

Tori Gyoza (Chicken Dumpling). Average. Very little dumpling filling... Could do better if they stuff more chicken in it.

Mussels in black bean sauce. Can't go wrong with black bean sauce. One of my favourite.

Salt and pepper Chicken wings.... Didn't try this... So don't know how it taste... By the look of it, should be nice...

Other salt and pepper stuff.... Squid and King prawns....

Another favourite. Fried King Prawn in mayo+black pepper... Good combination of the sauce!

Deep fried crispy fish in dijon. Not liking this coz it's more like eating the batter than the fish, and sauce is no good. Think they mixed mayo with wasabi.

Honey lemon chicken.

Teriyaki salmon. I was quite disappointed when this was presented in front of me. I expected my salmon to be grilled and topped with teriyaki sauce, NOT fried!! =(

Japanese chicken curry... quite nice...

and.... sashimi time!

We had sooo many round of this sashimi platter!

and not to be missed, Sake (salmon) nigiri

This was the first round we had. The second and third round, we ask the waiter to scrap off the crab stick sushi. I can make that at home too... LOL

Vegetarian options...

One more favourite. Inari nigiri! Sweet and nice... yummmm...

Edamame... *lurves*

Mixed vegetarian platter... Mixed vegetarian skewers, yasai gyoza, salt and pepper tofu, salad and vegetarian spring rolls.

They offer lots of other selection for the buffet like rice or noodles dishes but we didn't order any of it... Some not in pics are soups, temaki hand rolls, some other starters. Well, the food above can make me drool already.

Before I conclude this entry, here's a collage of us.. and the address to the place if you're interested in going.

Where to find this O-Tokuda? Here's the address...
37 Knifesmithgate (behind Comet off Saltergate)
Chesterfield Town Centre
Derbyshire S40 1RL

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