Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Museum

I'm quite bored with the usual breakfast places I go to now. So, the other day, myself and ShinHuey decided to give The Museum a try. Mind you, it's NOT actually a museum, it's a pub, which serves, well, pub food, drinks of all sorts and stuff. =)

The interior of this pub is quite nice. It's a place with a few levels with the bar at the ground floor. We were there slightly just after it's opening time, and it made sense that we're the early bird there that day. ^^

Normally, I would just go for the traditional breakfast set, and this time was no exception. I tried looking for the word 'Full English Breakfast' but didn't find one, so I opt for something similar. What I had? Well, I ordered the All Day Breakfast Stack which cost at only £4.75.

Potato rosti topped with Suffolk pork sausage, topped with some generous amount of bacon rashers, grilled tomato, mushrooms, with some baked beans, and a fried egg.

The portion that they serve was very generous and I practically stuffed to the throat after pigging all of the food into my stomach. ho ho ho

Here's me with my breakfast before it was gone about 10 minutes later.

First impressions are very important. A good first impressions means more to come in the future. =) Would definitely go back to try other food there.

til then, ttfn

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