Monday, September 20, 2010


Few days ago, I went to have lunch at this pub and wanted to order a bottle of Kopparberg (cider) but the bartender refuse to sell it to me! Reason is that I need to show him an ID. Fair enough, I showed him my student card which has my d.o.b on it, but he said can't accept it. So, I took out my Malaysian Identity Card and he said I need to show him a British ID or passport. In the end, I got fed up with that guy, and ordered the same cider, just minus the alcohol in it.

OMG, do I look sooo young?!!! I don't think so lor! I am positive I am even older than that bartender... T_T

At the end of the day, I've to settle with this alcohol-free (but still awesome) Kopparberg.. XD

I'll order this the next time too, coz it's cheaper, and taste good too... hahahaha...


bloodbubble said...

hahahaha! was he thinking that your ID is fake? LOL

sunset2712 said...

hahaha dont think so.. but do i look like i am underage?? just geram! LOL