Tuesday, September 28, 2010

From UK to Malaysia

I am officially at HOME now..! Still having jet lag despite the fact that I've touched down since 48 hours ago. Here's how my journey have gone from Sheffield to Manchester to Dubai to KLIA and finally to Klang... XD

At Manchester airport.. bidding goodbye to UK!

Half way across the world. No idea where was I at the moment.

Half journey completed. At Dubai International Airport. Going to the gate.

Reached home just slightly before midnight. Unpacking. Only brought some chocolates as souvenirs. Sorry, I am coming back for good this time, so luggage can't squeeze in anymore stuff.

Next morning. Karaoke session with my 38 Homies. First song was none other than Leehom's songs from his latest album!

Spent the noon with the girls.Then evening with my sister.

Went back to Klang. Had hawker stall food with family! It was SOoooo good!

Thus, this concluded my very first day (a complete one) in Malaysia after spent almost 3 years abroad. XD

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