Friday, September 17, 2010

Food Indulgence

I've been pigging-out most of the days since last week. It's always great to dine out, but at the same time making a damaged to the wallet, and weight. hhmm... Well, from the amount of food that I take, I have already gained some weight, but doesn't want to face the reality. So, what I did was keep on having whatever that I feel like having, and not weighing myself on the scale. *shy*

That aside, now let's see what awesome food that me and my friends had over the last couple of days. XD

1) Lunch @ Cafe Rouge [French]

It's a chained French restaurant which served pretty good food. BUT, their specialties were REALLY good! *two thumbs up for them*

Confit de Canard. This is what I had. Crispy duck confit with plum sauce, french beans and super awesome potatoes! (I don't really take potatoes normally, but this was reaalllyy yummy!)

2) Dinner @ Zing Vaa Restaurant [Chinese]

I can't really count how many times we've been to Zing Vaa for their dim sum, but for dinner, it's just a few times. The most important thing is that, it is NEVER a let down. Good food. Every time.

Top (L-R): Fried Kangkong a.k.a Chinese Spinach, Shell on King Prawn in butter and salted egg yolk, Fried tofu in mixed meat. Bottom (L-R): Pork Chop in Peking sauce, 3 roasties, Claypot mix of fish and other stuff which I'm not sure of. LOL

3) Dinner @ China Red [Szechuan]

Everyone was craving for spicy food. So, off we go to China Red for their specialised authentic Szechuan food. It was SOOOO freaking spicy my lips and tongue went numb for a bit. T_T

Clockwise starting from the greens: Bok Choi & mushrooms in oyster sauce (v), Braised aubergine szechuan style, Pig intestines (not for the faint-hearted), my favourite szechuan style cooking a.k.s. Shui Zhu style Lamb and Fish (the big picture in the centre), Salt 'n' Pepper shredded potatoes (v), Sliced steamed chicken in szechuan sauce, Mapo Tofu "the normal one", Hot 'n' Sour Chinese Cabbage (v), Sliced pork and beef in szechuan sauce, Some fish soup with preserved vegetables, Diced chicken in a bed of dried chillies (MAD SPICY this one!), and finally another Mapo tofu " the vegetarian one" (v).

*(v) indicates it is suitable for vegetarians. =)

phew, finally done with this meal! LOL

4) Lunch @ Thai Punna [Thai]

Another restaurant that we visited on a quite regular basis. I'm quite exhausted after listing down the food from China Red, so here's a simplified version. ^^

For starters we had: Ribs, Tom Ka King Prawn soup, and Vegetarian tempura
Mains: Thai green curry (Prawn & Tofu), Pineapple & prawn fried rice, and added another portion of their super spicy Thai salad.

5) Dinner @ Pho68 [Vietnamese & Chinese]

Did not pay our regular visits after they've changed the management. Food was still ok, but not great anymore.

Top (L-R): Not so good version of the 3 roasties on a bed of boiled rice, Salt and Garlic Squid, Big Bowl Curry Laksa
Bottom (L-R): Vietnamese chicken salad (It is a MUST order dish, but this time, it failed quite miserably and I don't know what went wrong also *sigh*), Quarter crispy aromatic duck with pancakes and cucumber + spring onion

6) Lunch @ Wetherspoon [English]

Just a plain Chicken Caesar Salad. It's surprisingly good! No wonder one of my friends always order this.

Ahh, finally this entry about the food that I've indulged for the past week is done. Hurrah to me! XD

til then, ttfn!


bloodbubble said...

waaaah gal you really know how to enjoy food XD

sunset2712 said...

hahaha is it a compliment? Thanks!! but bad for my health... and wallet... T_T sudah jadi lagi gemuk...

bloodbubble said...

well life is short.. indulge while you can hahaha