Saturday, September 11, 2010

Customised Postcard

Felt so touched when I saw this little envelope SY left on my bed yesterday. I have to admit it, I did not realised there was something extra on it until this morning when I was searching for my phone. *embarrass* Think she left it here before she went to the airport yesterday noon...

Well, all I can say is "Thanks a lot!"

Evolution of Purple Light, on a postcard....

her message... Ok, I'm going to defend myself. I did not spent like a fortune on my (our) idol a.k.a Leehom Wang... So, I don't think it's too much larh... Just a lil bit more than the average I guess... LOL

Anyway, I'll try to take up her advise though... ^^

Til we meet again when I get back home.... Take care and all the best girl!

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