Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Can't seems to fall asleep now. So, took out Leehom's 2010 album 十八般武藝 and books to have a quick look and to take a few pictures of my collection this year. ^^

I was many many thousand miles away when they went to attend his event. The best I could have is to ask them to help me get his autographs back.

「王力宏‧導演練習曲」and「王力宏影像集」with autographs of course!

My very first (and second) autographs from him with the complete Mando and English version + a smiley!! He will only sign this in Taiwan. Other countries, very very slim chance to get it. &^%#@!!

The 18 Martial Arts 十八般武藝 albums... Malaysia and Taiwan version, also with autographs!

Thanks to my Homies gang to get it for me during his promo in TW & M'sia.

Collection of 2010, complete.

til then, ttfn!

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